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From the wilderness community of Port McNeill on Northern Vancouver Island, we can venture out in almost any direction. The waters of Johnstone Strait, Broughton Strait, Queen Charlotte Strait and the West Coast support some of the best trophy fishing in Canada such as halibut and salmon (pinks, coho, chinooks, sockeye,
and chum) however you are just as likely to hook a lingcod, octopus, or rockfish during your fishing trip.

Northern Vancouver Island is an area steeped in beautiful natural scenery - waterways dotted by islands large and small, shorelines of rugged rocky outcrops or old gnarly trees draped in moss which reach for the water.

While waiting to hook a trophy fish, you will not grow tired of watching the wildlife here. There are black bears which roam the shores turning over rocks in search of a snack, and great blue herons standing motionless at the water's edge. Bald eagles glide effortlessly on the thermal currents above, pods of orcas cruise the straits, playful dolphins frolick in the pristine waters, porpoises darting effortlessly through the water, not to mention seals and a variety of other wildlife.

On the West coast you will be equally awed by both the fishing and the dramatic sea and landscapes which surround you. Sea otters inhabit the west coast waters of Vancouver Island and you may be lucky enough to catch sight of these cute animals as they use stones and other tools to crack open their supper, or groom themselves as they bob on the water surface.

Our Boat

We operate our tours from a 22.6' Campion Explorer boat which has been equipped with all necessary safety equipment required by Canadian Safety including life jackets for each person on board.

Fishing Charter Rates

$100.00 per hour (per boat), minimum 4 hours - excluding fishing licenses.
Plus applicable taxes.

To maximize the comfort and enjoyment of our customers, we limit the number of passengers on board to 3 people plus the skipper, during any one trip. We can arrange an additional boat (or boats) for larger groups if necessary.


While we do not operate on a fixed schedule, we do recommend a departure time of between 5:00am and 6:00am for optimum fishing experiences. 4 hours is the minimum charter time.


Salmon Fishing:

Starting as early as May, the salmon fishing season can run into late September/October.

Halibut Fishing:

The most enjoyable time for fishing off Northern Vancouver Island is from late March/early April until the end of September.

Fishing Licenses

Timberland Charters will provide you with all the necessary fishing equipment and bait, however you will be required to purchase a fishing license prior to departing on one of our charters. The license must be carried with you during the trip.

Fishing licenses can be purchased at our store Timberland Sport Centre (which is also our booking office for charters).

What you should bring:

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